We can build and we can manage. Our specialties are: FIT-OUT, commercial building construction, services and land improvement. We are a team of more than 500 professionals who think, work, live and breath construction.

What we do

  • Geography We follow the client and complete projects all over the country.
  • International experience We speak many languages and collaborate with international clients
  • Size We work on projects from 200 to 70.000 m²

What are our values

Quality matters. ARCON is quality.

We only do what we know how to do well. The main criteria for us has always been quality and we give it the main seat at the table. We believe that quality is the cornerstone of all parts of the process — from the idea to the finished project.

partners and suppliers
Quality management
High quality construction work
Professional project management
A strong team of professionals
Reliable partners and & nbsp; suppliers
Quality materials

What are our values

  • Quality We have very high demands in terms of the standard of our work. Our construction sites are exemplary of discipline and order.
  • Precision Precision in construction is the most important managing criteria. We are demanding to ourselves, our suppliers and our clients.
  • Responsibility Every ARCON employee is personally responsible for their input in the teamwork. And together, we are responsible for preserving our environment.
  • Partnership We build productive relationships with all the participants of the project. That enables everyone to be heard and considered and achieve better results together.
  • Transparency All our processes are transparent, structured and predictable and our sites are always available for new clients to visit.
  • Order We have a high standard of mobilisation and organisation of the construction process. Our specialists provide an inclusive approach to managing the projects and the communication with the client is ensured through a dedicated manager with 24/7 availability.
  • Equality When it comes to ensuring the highest possible standard of our work, we are demanding to all participants of our projects, be it ourselves, our suppliers or our clients.

Corporate structure

An effective structure is the basis for success

ARCON structure is clear and transparent. It reflects the team-based nature of our work organisation. It is one of the factors that enable the increase in efficiency and the company’s growth. Due to an effective structure we achieve optimal results.

Quality is our main principle. We based on it when we created ARCON. All our team follows it

Oleg Zhukov Oleg Zhukov Managing Partner

The ideological approach of our company is: «We are thinking. We are doing. We are live». This is a very important concept that allows us to successfully implement our projects

Ilya Baybus Ilya Baybus Director of Business Development

I am sure that quality is the key to success for any company. In ARCON, quality is one of the main principles. This manifests itself at all levels: in relation to the quality of work, the timing of project implementation, and finally, the responsibility of each team member for the result

Anton Zvantsov Anton Zvantsov General director
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  • General manager
  • Process quality manager
  • Department of labor protection
  • Production department
  • Business development department
  • Financial department
  • Security department
  • Administrative department
Quality matters